11 Extremely Unique Ceiling Design Ideas You Should Adopt in 2020

11 Extremely Unique Ceiling Design Ideas You Should Adopt in 2020

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Ceilings are modest, functional components of the home, and their style can transform the appearance of the room. They help in acoustics, protect against weather elements, and hold lighting in place. Today, ceilings have become the center stage of home décor, and many interior designers and homeowners are taking ceiling designs seriously. New designs are continually emerging to enhance the appeal of this fifth wall.

Below are some of the most unique and elegant ceiling ideas that will steal the attention of guests in an event or at home:

- Using Photos & Art

It is easy to cover up your popcorn ceilings with large prints, illustrations, and graphics. You can also use wallpapers with many different designs to span the ceiling space.

Make your ceiling the center of focus with distinct photos or art to give an immersive experience to those who are inside. You can give it a modern vibe using vintage map prints that are trimmed with stained wood or art prints with patterns or abstract shapes.

- Beadboards

Beadboard ceilings help to level out upper surfaces that appear uneven. This is done by adding shims. Initially, beadboards are regarded as wall materials, but they can be used on ceilings too – especially the tongue and groove beadboards. You can use them to hide the nails and give your room a seamless look and cottage feel. Look for beadboards that are designed specially for ceilings. These come with easy to install planks.

- High Gloss

High gloss designs are recent trends that offer a shiny, ultra-glossy, and reflective finish to the room. The space will appear larger, especially when it is fully furnished and decorated with light colors. The surface should be smoothly polished to cover any existing bumps.

If the surface is not smooth, you can use a stretch ceiling to cover up the current one. Stretch designs come in many colors and finishes, including high gloss. To add some glamor on the wood, just apply high gloss paint.

Other Creative Methods

Non-traditional colors

Bold and bright colors can be used to brighten up the upper surfaces. But non-traditional colors can also make an enormous difference by expanding the room’s size visually. Dark ceilings bring together the most relevant elements that will work in harmony to glam the place. Together, they can effortlessly brighten up the room, and with an additional color complementary on the floor, the room will feel full of life.

Striped design

The fifth wall can look and feel unique and exciting with uniquely added stripes. Any direction of stripes, if layered correctly, can complement any type of flooring. Your stripes can run perpendicularly to other furnishings or the ground surface. They can also join at various angles or conjoin at a ceiling that is angled. This will solely depend on the size and shape of the room. Make sure to stick with similar widths for the ceiling design to remain unique and unified. Use contrasting bold colors, but maintain the same color in the different finishes.

Use plants

Live plants can be used in room decoration to make the room look and feel fresh and bright. Strikingly, you can use thousands of live plants to decorate your ceiling as well. To accomplish the best look, suspend them from the ceiling or build and hang complete frames that are overflowing with fronds. You can hang plants from an open beam or cover the whole upper interior. Or, you can create a dazzling pattern using hanging boxes to make it look fabulous and unique.

Brick and stone design

Brick and stone designs can look significant in curved and arched ceilings found in adequately lit rooms. For best results, use bricks with colors that complement the room furnishings. This will give you a cohesive design you will love. You can add some warmth to the stone by using some pieces of wood. To create the most interesting texture, ensure that the mortar is more visible.

Wood design

Wood is known to increase the warmth of a room. When you use different plank lengths, stains, and finishes of wood on the fifth walls, the results are just amazing, especially for plafonds. Experiment on different patterns or board-on-board layers using recycled pieces for striking results.

A layered approach can also give your ceiling an appealing look. This can be achieved by installing wood panels, followed by beams, and an extra layer consisting of lighting fixtures in bright colors to complement the color of your upper interior surface.

Using long wood planks, you can create steps with the spaces to allow in some light and shadow with every piece. For the best acoustics, try to incorporate stenciling art and ceiling baffles.


There are plenty of creative design ideas for your ceilings. It is easy to accentuate your living spaces by changing the outlook of your ceiling. So many untapped potentials can be unearthed to find a way of showcasing your style through unique designs. The ideas above should inspire you to change the overall appeal of your room.

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