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A Collection Of Blocks
For Gutenberg

“Blocks” are sections of content on a website, for example, images, videos, paragraphs, etc. Buba Blocks is a series of ‘Blocks’ of the new WordPress block editor, Gutenberg
Buba Blocks is a WordPress plugin that allow you create custom content without any coding knowledge
Whether you are a beginner, designer, developer or marketer, you can build beautiful pages with Buba Blocks

Elements That Suit
Your Needs

Elements that help you create and edit pages. Move, edit, swap, add colors, background,
animation, and many other properties in our Buba Blocks plugin.


Effortlessly draw attention to key action items on your website witth the Button Block! This sleek capability seamlessly integrates into your webs design with style and alignment customizations to helps generate natural conversations.


The Accordion Block offers multiple subsections while still mainitaining a clean, cohesive aesthetic. The Accordion block neatly expands and collapses, allowing you to answer questions, categorize information, and uch more while saving space.

Info Box

Draw attention to your most eye-catching elements with the Card Block! This capability neatly organizes everything from images to text to provide a sleek user experience.

Full-width slider

Create an interactive visual web experience with the Full-Width Slider Block. All you have to do is select the images you want to display for a stunning, automatic highlight.

Section and Container

The Container & Section Block creates a beautiful, multi-dimensional, easy to navigate web page. It neatly arranges you information into designated sections with eye-catching designs to simply the user's journey.

Image slider

Add small bursts of movement and visual intrigue with the Slider Images Block! Choose from a variety of style and animation options to effectively highlight your most captivating pictures.


The Map Block makes advertising your business's location a breeze! This element blends seamlessly with Google Maps to provide users with all the information they need.

Posts Grid

List all your posts in a beautiful layout with different options by using our social share element.

Social Share

Start the online conversation and keep it going with the Social Share Block! This element allows users to engage your brand even further by promoting your content or following your accounts directly from your website.

Table Of Contents

Streamline your users' journey with the Table of Contents Block! This ready-made slider allows you to create an overview of all your pages so users can effortless find what they're looking for.

Buba Templates

Ready-made sections with a structure in which you only need to change the colors and text.

Hero Section

First impressions matter, so make it count with the Hero Section Template. This beautifully designed templated was created to engage the users at the top of the homepage. Simply customize the template with the background and arrangements of your choosing, and watch the leads pour in!


Testimonials are the lifeblood of any thriving business, so why not show yours off? The Testimonials Template allows you to highlight the most engaging and positive customer reviews to increase users' trust and willingness to engage.


Grab your user's attention and increase the chances of conversion with the CTA Section Template. By providing a clear and easy-to-find action item, you can improve the chances of earning more business.

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